Matching Glitter For Firefly

So, I’ve been working on some pony restoration projects, and as I was buying up baits for projects, found myself with several Firefly ponies. None were in particularly good shape, but one of them (a baby) had her symbols still in new condition. I was then determined to find a matching glitter so that the others could look just as good! Well, I have to give special thanks to Cartwright’s for stocking what seems like every shade of glitter you can think of. I think I ordered every blue they had, that I thought might match, except for two. None of them matched. A little disappointed, I contacted them about exchanging for the two most likely other candidates, and it turns out that one of those was an exact match. I really had lost hope, but given their return policy, I’d decided this would be my last attempt and I’d give up.

All worked out though and I now can say that the Cartwright’s has the match for Firefly’s glitter and it is #102 Electric Blue Ultrafine Opaque.

Stay tuned for updates with pics of the restored ponies….