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  • Latest Posts On Pony Customizing & Repair:

    • G1 Sky Rocket Restoration Pony Restoration Project: Sky Rocket

      This is how I restored a G1 Sparkle My Little Pony named Sky Rocket. She started off with a buzz cut and severe tail rust but emerged looking good as new!

    • Original glitter symbol on a baby Firefly pony and matching Cartwright's glitter in #102 Electric Blue. Matching Glitter For Firefly

      So, I’ve been working on some pony restoration projects, and as I was buying up baits for projects, found myself with several Firefly ponies. None were in particularly good shape, but one of them (a baby) had her symbols still in new condition. I was then determined to find a matching glitter so that the […]

    • Nylon My Little Pony Hair Proper Hair Length For My Little Pony

      I am in the process of restoring a G1 pony as I write this and ran into a bit of a wall with rehairing her. The problem wasn’t with matching the hair (got an exact match from Dollyhair) but with how long to leave the hair once I was ready to style her.

      So, I […]

    • MLP_JDL Let’s Go And Meet The Bronies

      Just had to share – this is a fan made video about Bronies, narrated/sung by John deLancie, and posted by JanAnimations. Well done!

    • MLP Sparkle Pony Twinkler image Replacement Tinsel for My Little Pony

      Can I replace the tinsel in My Little Pony hair? Yes, you can! Here’s some tips on where to find hair tinsel, what kind of tinsel is out there, and a couple of color examples with actual ponies.